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Originally Published July 20, 2015


Written, Directed, Produced, Edited & Mixed by Kirby Ferguson

Produced by Kirby Ferguson, Nora Ryan

Contributors to This Episode
Louis WesolowskyAdam FarnsworthMathias FekjærJohn WoodsJoshua MichieRylaan Gimby

Music by Kirby Ferguson, Nora Ryan, Mathias Fekjær, John Woods
"This is Not a Conspiracy Theory Theme" by John Woods
"A Clockwork Universe" by Mathias Fekjær

Associate Producers: Kate Figgins, Kulvir Lehal

Fonts by The Font Bureau

Stock Footage by iStock

Legal Counsel
Jack Lerner, UC Irvine School of Law
Jasmine Braxton and M.J. Bogatin, Bogatin, Corman & Gold

Special thanks to all my backers, subscribers and donors. I couldn't do this without you.

With Additional Contributions From:
Louis Wesolowsky, Adam Farnsworth, Mathias Fekjaer, Hugh D’andrade, Brian Bjelovuk, Justin Gulenchyn, Michael Frazel, Jason Leimgruber, Joshua Michie, Timothy Davin, Mary Gilmore, Chris Dinardo, David Gross, Jonathan Maconachie, Rylaan Gimby, Jeff Engelhardt, Jan Sott, Jamie Kyne, John Armstrong, Rudolfs Rudd, Wayne Brace, Zohar Argaman, Jamie Kyne, David Salahi

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Script Drafts:
For those of you who like the behind the scenes stuff, here are all of the drafts of the script, from the first draft to the final one three months later.
1st Draft, February 5, 2015 .:. 2nd Draft, February 23, 2015 .:. 3rd Draft, April 20, 2015 .:. 4th Draft (Final), May 19, 2015


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