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THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY EPISODE ONE: PREMISE The better we understand the forces of nature, the closer we come to confronting perhaps the greatest fear of the conspiracy-minded: that no one is in control, that we are guided and constrained by the systems we have made but don't understand. These systems are not greedy, they have no ambition, they have no ideology, they are not good and they are not evil. They are simply not like us.


THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY EPISODE TWO: TYRANNY The founders of the The United States of America had boundless faith in the power and potential of reason, and they’d learned that studying evidence and identifying patterns could reveal powerful insights. And with this power, one could peer into the hearts of men, and one could even predict the future.


THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY EPISODE THREE: CLOCKWORK Like gravity drives the clockwork of the solar system, like the pendulum drives the machinery of the clock, the social scientists of the Enlightenment imagined that the hidden force driving the clockwork of human affairs had to be the intentions of individuals. But stripped of mathematics and experimentation, the method that had worked so well for the rest of the natural world failed when applied to society. People proved vastly more complex than planets.

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