For centuries we’ve sought to understand the hidden forces that shape our lives. This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory – an episodic documentary feature – is a series about that quest, its many triumphs and its many failures.

How it works

Episodes are delivered in installments, on a slow and erratic – but loving – schedule. Episode One (The Premise) is free to watch, and if you enjoy it, consider supporting future installments with your membership purchase of $14.99 (or more!).

When you pay $14.99, you’re getting the entire series: a feature documentary, released in episodes, which will add up to eighty minutes. You'll get each of the episodes as they're completed, plus behind-the-scenes updates as the project unfolds. Watch anytime, on any device, forever.

As a member, you also get three free rentals to send to your friends, and opportunities to interact with and influence the production. Occasionally we also come up with unique perks.

So far, Episodes One and Two have been released. Episode Three is near completion and comes out shortly. We estimate there will be three or four more episodes.

So make your purchase now to get access to the episodes as they’re released and watch this highly creative and experimental process evolve in real time.

About the Filmmaker

This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory is the work of filmmaker, writer, speaker Kirby Ferguson, known for his popular online series Everything Is a Remix. Loved by fans for his ability to break down complex cultural, political, scientific, historical and tech subjects into simple ideas, This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory features the same ambitious storytelling, extensive research, visual complexity, and hand-crafted rigor that his supporters have come to expect and enjoy. This project is an experiment in paid content delivery and continues his exploration of the episodic storytelling format.

He is a frequent speaker on creativity, technology, and media and has presented at TED, SXSW, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, Google, Netflix, the GEL Conference, Creative Mornings NYC, Columbia University, NYU, The Cusp Conference, Media Evolution, The Creators Project, Campus Party Mexico City, and more.

Watch his TED Talk here.
Watch his preamble talk on This Is Not a Conspiracy Theory here.

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